devi42 (devi42) wrote in kissmyassvogue,

"Not with a bang but a whisper..."

On the MSN/Sympatico page:

See why starving yourself isn't the only option if you're looking to shed some extra pounds.

Well, I suppose starving yourself is, technically, an option. Still, it would have been nice if that had used a tag line which didn't make it sound like a vaguely acceptable one.

Let's try a switch. Instead of making the sentence about weight loss, let's make it about vegetables:

See why spinach isn't the only option if you're looking to squeeze in some extra leafy greens.

With that sentence, it's still sounds perfectly reasonable to eat spinach but it acknowledges that not everyone likes spinach and that some days you might feel like something else.

Perhaps I'm being too tenacious but imagine 700 subtle messages a day. Alone they look harmless, but they build up pressure.

Just a thought.

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